Gotham & Hudson


This project is an exploration of the built environment from an elevated perspective, by Stewart Mader. It began in 2011 as a way for me to study the urban landscape of New York through photography from above street-level. In 2012, I explored how people used social media and photography to track Hurricane Sandy. The pictures paint a portrait of a city preparing, withstanding, and recovering from the devastating effects of an unprecedented storm. Now that I live in Hoboken (often called New York’s sixth borough), I’m tracking what’s taking shape throughout the city, and looking at how development can be used as a tool to improve the built environment and address important issues like flooding, aging infrastructure, and the repopulation of historic cities.

As seen in: Brick Underground, CityLab, Curbed NY, Gizmodo, Next City, Spacing Atlantic, Untapped Cities and the Wall Street Journal

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